North American Truck & Trailer, Inc. frame modification shops employ highly trained professionals to work on your equipment. Customization is what we love to do in our Chassis Modification Center. We understand our customer's business and strive to make the adaptations that will improve your productivity and equipment handling.

Whether you are in agri-business, construction or over-the-road, we can modify various frame models to your specifications and get you back on the road quickly.

Some of our more common projects include:

  • Adding a Third Axle
  • Lengthen Frames
  • Shorten Bodies
  • PTO/Wet Kit Installations
  • Add Various Body Structures

Customized Power: VNL300 Conversion

Our Body Shop specializes in the U.S. Patent pending to convert a Volvo VNL670 into a VNL300 Day Cab. The process enables any over-the-road sleeper unit to be converted to a traditional day cab allowing for expanded use in construction or agri-business duties.

Contact us for more information:

Sioux City Truck & Trailer: (712) 258-2444 or 800-743-2988

Sioux Falls Truck & Trailer: (605) 332-7112 or 800-657-8081