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The following is a partial list of our subsidiaries. Please mark the one you primarily do business with. However, your approved credit will be available at any of our stores.

The purpose of this application is to establish credit with:

a subsidiary of North American Truck & Trailer, Inc. and its successors or assigns.

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Credit Acknowledgment / Customer Additional Information

The party(ies) signing this application (collectively "Applicant") is financially able to meet any commitments we have made and we expect to pay all invoices from North American Truck & Trailer, Inc. and subsidiaries (collectively "NATT") according to their terms.

Applicant agrees to pay a finance charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% per annum) on all balances 30 days or more past due; provided that at no time shall the finance charge exceed the maximum rate permitted by law. Applicant also agrees to pay for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees for all delinquent accounts sent for collection.

Applicant hereby authorizes NATT to obtain a written or oral credit report. Applicant further authorizes any of Applicant's banks to give any and all necessary information to NATT which will assist it in the credit investigation, and hereby releases and waives any and all claims relating to such inquiries and disclosures under all applicable law. If NATT should act adversely on this application for credit, within 30 days after such action, Applicant may request NATT in writing to give reasons for such action. Any records on which NATT's credit decision is based, need not be retained for more than 90 days unless within that period, the Applicant requests in writing that NATT retain the records for 25 months

Applicant agrees that any dispute arising hereunder, or as a result of Applicant's subsequent purchase of products and services from NATT at any time, shall be venued in the County of Minnehaha, State of South Dakota, Circuit Court for the Second Judicial Circuit, and that this document may be used to establish this stipulated venue and personal jurisdiction binding on Applicant, and also may be pled as a bar to any suit or proceeding brought in another jurisdiction or any other Court or tribunal. Applicant further agrees that this application and all subsequent transactions are commercial in nature and shall not be considered consumer transactions or debt.

This application shall be fully binding on behalf of all of NATT's subsidiaries and affiliates and assignable among them and fully enforceable in such case. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to require NATT to extend credit hereunder, and credit extension is at all times at NATT's sole discretion.

I hereby certify this information to be true and correct. I hereby also agree to provide financial statements if required by a lending institution.

Credit Agreement - Guarantee

In consideration of the extension of credit by NATT, to the Applicant, the undersigned personally guaranties all Applicant's transactions with NATT. The undersigned Guarantor and Applicant agrees as follows:

1. Guarantor and Applicant will pay in full all amounts shown due on the monthly billing provided by NATT. Terms are net due no later than 30 days past due. Any amounts not paid by the last of the month following billing shall accrue finance charges of 1-1/2% per month (18% per annum) from date due until paid.

2. Guarantor and Applicant will notify NATT in writing of any disputed charges on any invoices by the fifteenth (15th) of the month following the billing. Failure to notify NATT shall mean that Applicant agrees that the charges reflected on said billing are correct.

3. Guarantor and Applicant agree to immediately notify NATT in writing of any changes of Applicant's ownership.

4. NATT shall not be liable for any delays in obtaining/delivering products and services

5. Guarantor and Applicant agree that this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect until written notification of cancellation is received by NATT. Cancellation shall not affect prior transactions subject to this Agreement.

6. If Applicant is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other entity, the persons executing this Application agree to personally guarantee the full payment and performance of all of Applicant's obligations under this Application.

I/We the undersigned, individually are persons with a financial interest in the Applicant and personally agree to pay jointly or severally the obligations of the Applicant to North American Truck & Trailer, Inc. and subsidiaries and hereby guarantee the prompt payment and performance of all obligations of the Applicant under this Agreement or any other agreement with NATT, and agrees to pay all of Applicant's amounts due to NATT including payment of all reasonable collection costs and service charges.